James Kelly and Rebekka Gemperle are the new World Champions

Hop: on the Open finals

In what was an amazing day of racing, James Kelly, the American Dream, has spoiled the Canadian party and become the first USA World Champion. He survived everything the Canadians threw at him, including getting taken out in an earlier heat.

James Kelly in the opens and Rebekka Gemperie in the women’s draw, both appeared to be knocked out in earlier rounds. The live spreadsheet of the draw was incorrect most of the day, as James Kelly proceeded through the draw named as Roger Jones! Not even the commentary of Striker could explain the discrepancy.

There were big gaps in the vision and commentary that left the live video stream audience mystified. Part of the problem was the constant, nauseating ads played non stop. I would even suggest most of those crap ads hurt the brands being played that many times. The result of the 15 minute ad breaks was the video watches never heard the explanations of what happened in the previous rounds. Striker explaining results, giving a lead in to the next race, letting us know if there was a protest or if one had been upheld.

In one bizarre moment, Striker called a Chipmunk on the course that caused all the lead riders to crash!

The open final was a race worthy of a World Championship race. Reimer and Mackenzie pushed out hard, with Kelly and Tongue tucking in to the main field. In classic K-Rimes racing, he charged and tucked his way to a lead. G-Mack did not let K-Rimes run away with it and kept in touch. The field compressed into a corner, half way down the hill and maybe the pressure of the follow pack caused a judgement error by Kevin. Maybe he was trying to weave through the hay on the ground. Kevin misjudged his line, his hand out stretched briefly smacking hay bales waiting for the inevitable crash and then he high sided and crashed into the bales on his back! G-mac was taking an inside line and missed the carnage. That left G-Mac and Kelly as the two riders to fight it out to the finish. It looked like G-Mac would keep the Canadian World Champion linage going, but James Kelly tucked his way to an inside line on the last corner and raced to an impressive win. James did not win a race all day until the last one, the one that counted!

Maga: on the women’s final

We had 16 girls racing this year (sorry for not mention some of them before or not having info about them) .

So it was a 16 girl tree, in 4 girl heats with Rosy Vega and Tamara Prader missing out.
In the first rounds, the girls who pushed out at the start to lead stayed in front to the finish.
In the first semi final, Marie B took the lead with Jolanda V in second all the way down the track, leaving Katie N and Elena C. to go into the consolation final.
In the other Semi Final, Rebekka G was leading until she crash in one of the corners after Alicia F and Charlie D crashed before into each other. Leaving Dominique V with the track for herself.
Later we watched Dom crash while in the lead letting Bekks to go on to win and Charlie second, it was a re-run of their previous heat, and bekks contiuned into the finals.
In the consolation final, Katie and Elena were by themselves so Skaty-Katie took first place with Elena second easily.
The final was Marie, Jolanda, Bekks and Charlie. Marie had a strong push leading the pack with Bekks in the back. The only corner that didn’t have a camera ( spot where a lot of overtaking happened) Bekks passed Marie with Jolanda on third and Charlie crashing. The top three remain in the same order until the end.

What a great race, the girls were really fast and solid. Proud of Jolanda for being such a solid rider and staying low most of the time ; Marie for her strength and speed. After kicking some boys asses on the repechage, Rebekka showed everyone her strength, good technique, experience and speed when she is racing on her Flying Pan from Fibretec.

A European girl podium this year for the world championship!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulation girls big hug from us, you guys rock.


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  • Bernadette McWhinnie Sep 3, 2012, 9:20 pm

    Really loving keeping up with all the write-ups on Hopkin Blog. Good to hear all the skaters are doing so well. Skate well and safe everyone !

  • Craig Ellis Sep 4, 2012, 11:33 am

    Great weekend, logistics aside…. Great racing, especially the men’s final. Super exciting… The Collosovision coverage was terrific too, really allowed the spectators to see the races unfold nicely!

    Congrats to James and Rebekka!!!

    Craig Ellis
    3rd Place Finish – Calgary 2012 Worlds – Downhill Inline

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