Newtons Nation live day two

Did you see yesterday’s video? Definitely a dream come true. High quality video streamed around the world in a big enough bandwidth that everyone can enjoy and watch. Striker was awesome, he made qualifying interesting!! Striker was taking phone calls all day and text messages, all broadcast live on Youtube. If you want to contact Striker today his mobile number is (overseas) +61 405 446 477 (within Australia) 0405 446 477. Dont call too early, check the video below and make sure we are broadcasting before you start sending through messages. Today is an awesome day of racing, a triple tree, so three trees of 64 racers! Plus at the end of the day we’ll have the $1000 top ten shootout. Starting from the 10th qualifier, they get a timed run which sets the fastest time. Then 9 and 8 and so on until the fastest qualifier has a chance to beat everyone in a timed run. The fastest time gets $1000. See you on the mountain.

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