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A name keeps appearing in the women’s results on the Canadian racing scene, Christin Gregersen. She is a Sayshun Tribe team rider, and there is not much on her profile page, a few pictures with the text she is too hot for a bio! That definitely deserves a Hopkin Skate Blog interview … how good is my job!!

This piece is not your normal interview. Christin and I exchanged emails over the racing summer, and before I knew it I had enough information to write an article. I have cut and added my comments and questions, the flavour of the interview is there but it was not a case of sitting down and throwing questions at Christin. It has created a nice biography.

Hop: Christin and I talked about how Hopkin Skate is supporting and encouranging women in longboarding. As a parent with a young daughter I want positive sporting role models for my daughter such as Christin, also girls need to risk take to develop emotionally, physically and cognitively. Here is Christin’s views on women in longboarding.

Christin: Encouraging women in longboarding, I feel is most important. It’s why I support the women’s divisions, and why I believe there should be prize money, despite the fact that we may not pay a lot for an extra division. I believe that it’s so that women have something to look forward to, and can actually picture themselves racing and potentially winning. Women, even if they’re strong, independent, and active, need a bit of encouragement in a scene as large and as male dominated as downhill skating, and relies heavily on taking risks, as you say. Some people say that the women should only race with the men, nixing the women’s division entirely, in argument of equality. but it doesn’t have anything to do with equality, the women’s division has to with encouraging women, and giving them the support they need to actually succeed in this sport. In addition, racing with other women allows for more open communication, where we feel more comfortable discussing which lines we’ll take, where we’ll brake for the corners, which leads to safe and really tight racing. For beginners, this kind of open discussion can take the nervous edge off, and help teach them new things. One of my favourite things about skateboarding is achieving things that I never thought I could. This helps to increase levels of confidence, that can lead to successes within and outside of skateboarding.

Hop: Do you have a biography?

Christin: In terms of a bio, I don’t really have one! I’ve done an interview with Concrete Wave for my time spent on the Loco Express. We spent 3 weeks, both last year and this year, driving from Vancouver to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Colorado, and back through Salt Lake City, and the Pacific Northwest.

Hop: Do you have a nickname?

Christin: I actually don’t have a nickname, people have been trying to come up with one for years, but nothing sticks!

Hop: Can you tell our blog readers a bit about yourself?

Christin: I’m 23, originating from Ottawa, Ontario, but I have been living in East Vancouver, BC for about 4 years. I’ve just been accepted into a masters program in Interior Architecture and Design, and will be moving to the San Francisco bay area in August of this year. I work in sales at a boat charter company (think 40ft sailboats), as a banquet server at a 5 star hotel, and at a skateshop. In the winter, I generally work about 60 hours a week minimum in order to save up enough money to take the time to skate all summer.

Hop: How did you get into longboarding, who has been your biggest influence ?

Christin: I would credit Adam Auger and Mike Benda for being the biggest influences in my skateboarding career. Adam Auger taught me to slide hard wheeled skates about 4 or 5 years ago which kicked off my interest in longboards, and Mike was the one who took me to Danger Bay for the first time, and encouraged me to learn to race.

Hop: What are your plans for racing this summer?

Christin: I’ll have been competing in hard wheel slide comps for about 4 years, and this will be my 3rd season of racing. I’m hoping to make it to as many races as I can this season, and have already attended a number in British Columbia. I managed to come in 2nd place at the Danger Bay Slide comp, and 2nd place for the women’s race division. At Gold Rush I took 3rd place. At Vernon DH, I qualified in the upper ranks of the open division, and took home 3rd place for the ladies. At Maryhill I finished 3rd in the women’s division.
I wish I would make it to Newton’s! I hear it’s an amazing course! So many people came back raving about how great it was! Unfortunately though, funding is generally an issue. Maybe sometime in the future! Otherwise, my plans are to attend Sullivan Challenge, Ride the Giant, Bonelli, and whatever others I can rustle up the funds for! So, there’s still quite a bit of skating to do this summer!

Hop: What is your current skating quiver?

Christin: I ride the Sayshun Mania as my race and downhill board, with 186mm plasma trucks, and Plasma wheels (top mounts are my favourite for the fast stuff!). And the Sayshun Compass as my freeride board with Paris trucks and Plasma wheels. My current slideboard is a Rayne Catalyst, with Earthwing wheels, but I am working with Sayshun to make a slideboard. I love miniboards for getting around town, the turnier and sketchier the better!

Hop: What has it been like working with Sayshun, being part of the team?

Christin: It’s a great Canadian company, coming out with great boards, and a great attitude towards the scene, and they have been awesome in supporting me and the rest of the team.

Hope this helps with getting to know me a bit better!

Hop: On a final note, the new range of Sayshun longboards will be arriving in the Hopshop next week.  Thank you to Christin for taking the time to answer some questions.

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  • Dawn Moisanen Mar 7, 2011, 8:47 pm

    Loved the article! Christin is a great lady, whom we’ve had the good fortune to get to know in the last couple of years. She has been very encouraging to both my 11 year old son, who skateboards and my 61 year old husband, who buttboards and to me (I take pictures). The picture of the 3 ladies above is one of my shots.
    I know she will continue to be a force on the women’s skating circuit and my family and I wish her all the best luck in her future skating career and life.

  • Hop Mar 8, 2011, 8:03 pm

    Dawn, thanks for the comments.
    It might sound strange but good photos is the hard part of an online interview. That photo you took matched well with the article, thank you.
    If you have any other photos you want to share with the longboarders of Australia…I’m happy to put them on the blog, with some words. racing at


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