ASRA looking for downhill event locations

The ASRA committee are in search mode to find event locations for 2011.

What type of event venues are ASRA interested in?

Big hill, with a suitable surface for longboard racing. Close to an urban area, or near a town that can service event needs and also the needs of competitors.

It must be feasible to close the road, usually this would restrict roads to quiet country/urban areas or private/public access roads with a single use.

There must a benefit to a local community. An event could disrupt a local community, so there must be some benefit. This could mean promoting a local cause, promoting a region, or using an area and facilities outside of peak tourism times.

Community benefits from hosting an ASRA event

The longboard racing community is a tight knit social group. There is a lack of government provided facilities and funds. For one of Australia’s fastest growing youth cultures and sports, we have been ignored by all levels of government. This means we are very mindful of any community that helps us grow our sport.

An ASRA event injects a lot of money and resources into the event area. We insure that we use local vendors and suppliers. We involve local youth and people of all ages as spectators, participants and volunteers.

Responsibility is taken to insure we leave the area the same way we found it.

We want local communities to have us back to do more events.

How do I get my area on the ASRA radar for an event?

Make an initial contact with ASRA, outline your area. It does not have to be a big submission, an brief introduction is usually enough to get the ball rolling. All emails are answered. Please contact ASRA on their contact page

If you are a local skater and want to organise an event in your town, ASRA is preparing documents that will assist you in what needs to be done. For now, make contact with ASRA, or start a thread in the forums with your ideas.

The potential of Mt Baw Baw

After the recent Melbourne Conehead Cup, the ASRA committee scoped out the Mt Baw Baw area after an initial invitation and proposal from the ski resort.

The Australian Alps, and the Australian ski fields (NSW and Victoria) are a perfect venue for future ASRA events. Our sport runs in the summer, which is the out of season, non peak time for ski resorts. There are single use roads on major mountains that are perfect for skateboard racing. Local communities in these ski fields and ski resorts that are looking for summertime events to promote and organise.

Our city dwelling ASRA crew rolled up to Mt Baw Baw, forgetting something major happens in the mountains in winter … snow!!

It was the road into to Mt Baw Baw that ASRA came to see

How good is the road into Mt Baw Baw?

This is a drive down the mountain from the top of Mt Baw Baw, finishing at the proposed finish line.

The video does not do the road justice, it is steep and fast. There are many technical aspects of the hill. It is a championship length of 2.5km.


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