Concrete Wave Vol 8 No 4

Did you get the latest Concrete Wave magazine in the mail? Did you know if you are an Australian and you subscribe, your magazine gets air mailed to you, and you get it within days of the US and Canadian subscribers!! A chunk of radness expressed to your door.

It is a brilliant read this issue. Michael Brooke just keeps making this magazine better and better. There is news on all the latest released skate products, articles on vert, pool, street , skateboard racing and the list goes on…

Whatever your level of skateboarding, whatever your type of skating, whatever your level of interest. This magazine will impress. You’ll read it from cover to cover. Concrete Wave is the only magazine that features 100% skateboarding.

This issue, has Steve Daddow’s spectacular crash at Newton’s. Some of the articles are : Tao of Skate, Kids in the fast lane (kids and parents on downhill skateboarding), Venice Boarding School, interview with Mike Weed, Buena Vista pool, Team Green, and a double page article on Newton’s Playground!!! And that is not everything, there is plenty more. If you are like many skaters, you’ll subscribe as much for the ads as you do the photos and articles. Ads this month: Landyachtz zombies (in stock at the Hopshop), Sector Nine congratulate Evren on his Newton’s win (we will be stocking Sector 9 this year), Andy Lally gets a Seismic ad, Madrid downhill boards, Jimmy is in the Rainskates ad, plenty of skate bling ads like nimbus trucks.

Subscribe NOW. This is not a promotion, there is nothing in it for Hopkin Skate if you click on the link. This is from the Hopshop heart, a skate bro recommendation. Subscribe to Concrete Wave, your soul will be rewarded.


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Hop is a skateboard lifer and one of the sport's true tragics: he'll talk gear, skating, racing for as long as you let him.

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