I might have met the next Australian champion today

I have so many things swimming in my head, this could be a big blog post. I’ll be kind and break it up over a few days.

Newton’s Playground is close, we are getting some amazing people drop into the Hopshop. (if you follow my twitter you’d know who they are).
My favourite people are the customers. Having a website is cool, skaters around Australia can buy online, get their product within a few days, but I never get to meet them. Some of my best customers I have never met! We do have our skateshop (the Hopshop), so it is always fun when skaters drop in, back to the blog post topic …

We have started up Saturday trading at the Hopshop. Today was something special. We had skaters from 12 to 18 years old in the shop.
First up a young kid, 12, buying his first downhill board. He brought his dad in, and dad walked around and picked out the skateboard, from my collection, he first started skating on…”back in the day.” Meanwhile Robbo, set up his new deck. His first longboard. His first skateboard. He was about to start a journey I wish I could start again, but he was starting on a longboard! Off to skate his local neighbourhood.
Later in the day, the shop groms arrive. The local crew of 14 to 15 year olds. Hanging out at the shop, picking up some supplies. These guys are already pimping out their decks with new freeride wheels, most have a quiver of a few boards for different occasions. Their main purpose, to coax Jackson out of the Hopshop and have a skate session (Jacko was out of there real quick).
Finally Gabe turned up, in his late teens, looking for some shop gloves, arriving late for the skate session. Totally addicted to longboarding. He’d probably sleep on his deck if he could.

It got me thinking. Three young generations of skaters were in the Hopshop today. All on their skate journey, I hope lasts them a lifetime. All of them passionate about longboarding and skateboard racing.

I might have met the next Australian champion today.

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