Loaded Boards Challenge – Series 1

We are are blog posting this year Loaded Challenge Series, which Loaded admit will be hard, they are stepping up the tricks this year. For all those new to longboarding, tricks or the Challenge Series, we are posting up all the old challenges. If Series 4 is too hard, try these tricks first. Even if you have no intention of doing the tricks, the videos are a good watch. Enjoy. hop.

This is the first series in the Loaded Boards Challenge Series.
Remember, if you are going to try these tricks, you must wear a helmet.

Trick is Nose Manual

Trick is Moving Old School Kick Flip

Trick is Moving Pirouette

Trick is 360 Body Varial

Trick is Cross Step, Cross Step, Shovit

Trick is Stand Up Frontside Powerslide

Trick is 180 Varial Hippy Jump

Trick is Push Everyway Possible

Trick is Kerb Pop

Trick is Coffin Carve

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